Amy MacDonald

Sales Associate to Trent Vinson

Amy has a unique and invaluable support role in Trent’s team. Amy not only works hard
for sellers, she is also heavily engaged with buyers. Having been with Ray White
for over five years, Amy has extensive local knowledge, understands the market
and can offer exclusive insights into properties that best meet buyer’s needs. Using an
approach tailored for each individual buyer, she works with them to gain insights into
their needs to help them find the perfect property, from a new family home to the right

investment property. Amy works tirelessly to leverage Ray White’s broader client
network to ensure your property is exposed to all potential buyers.
With a strong background in sales and marketing, Amy is committed to excellent
customer service and communication. She understands the underlying economic and
business dynamics of the property market, anticipates changes in the market and keeps
clients informed. She maintains a personal touch by keeping clients’ needs front of

In the market

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