Landlord Information

Management Information for Landlords & Property Investors

Ray White Wilston Property Management is peace of mind to landlords. Results are achieved, service is delivered and you can deal directly with the business owner when you need.

Ray White Wilston Property Management was established with recognition that there are too many disappointed landlords. Investors needn’t put up with substandard performance if they choose the right path.

With Ray White Wilston you’ll have consistent, personal correspondence with your own property manager. Our solid, established band of staff work hard to maintain your valuable asset, because it’s valuable to us. No longer will you speak to a different Property Manager every couple of months.

Correspondence is tailored to your requirements, whether it is weekly updates or emergency calls only – it’s up to you.

Be assured that we provide value. With rigorous internal policies, procedures and infrastructure, our focus is attention to detail, every day.

Expect your expectations to be superseded – your property is our business.

Our Office
At Ray White Wilston we understand the significance of your decision to invest in residential real estate. Equally, the decision to appoint an agent to manage your investment is not one that should be taken lightly.

Alistair Macmillan owns and runs Ray White Wilston, leading a team that is proud to offer the highest level of Property Management service available in the market.

We will never be the cheapest managing agent – that is not our business focus. We seek to offer the best value management available by offering a complete management strategy designed to deliver what is important to you – profit, protection and communication, at a fair price.

So before you decide which managing agent to appoint to represent you and your interests, please take the time to read the following information package and allow us to demonstrate why we are the best at what we do.

An Introduction
The Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act has complex rules and regulations relating to property management. It places immense responsibility on whoever manages the rental property to comply with these guidelines.

Failure to do so can attract harsh penalties to either the owner (you) or the owner’s nominated managing agent (us).

Agents involved in property management (and owners who manage their own properties) must possess a thorough working knowledge and understanding of this Act, as well as other Acts of Parliament.

Our staff are always thoroughly informed and fully trained in all aspects of the relevant legislation to provide peace of mind to you the owner.

Ray White Wilston gives you our assurance that we will be acting in your best interest – legally, ethically and financially, at all time. 

Promoting Your Property
Internet advertising on various high-traffic websites is the primary form of marketing employed, however there are many ways we’ll help achieve the best possible return for your money.

Websites include: and

A touch screen plasma at our shopfront gives access to all details of your property and a comprehensive photo cataloge. We actively market to our prospective tenant database via e-brochures and good old fashioned phone calls.

Your property will also be included in our bi-monthly e-newsletter, which reaches several thousand households both nationally and internationally.

Finding a suitable tenant at maximum market rent, as quickly as possible, is our first objective.

Tenant Selection

We are critically selective with tenants because our aim is for you to have a worry free tenancy.

Our detailed screening process aims to ensure tenants meet the responsibilities of the General Tenancy Agreement. Tenant selection is in accordance with laws covering discrimination, residential tenancies and privacy.

In addition to this, all applications are screened on various national tenant default databases that we annually subscribe to. Essentially we probe as much as we are legally able to ensure we have the best quality tenant for your home.

But most importantly, we keep you informed of applications, so you are in complete control of the selection and decision making process.

We have a vested in placing the best quality tenants in our managed properties. We want to make yours a stress free experience.

Our Services to You
Prior to each tenant’s occupancy, a thoroughly detailed condition report is prepared. Routine inspections of your property are made regularly and a comprehensive report will be provided.

These inspection reports will give you an accurate indication of how your property is being maintained by the tenants. Here, we can also suggest any preventative maintenance or improvements that could increase your investment return.

Neglect of minor repairs can often lead to major expenditure and the loss of a good tenant. Our attention to maintenance will ensure that problems are resolved quickly, by qualified trade’s people and at a reasonable price. You are in total control of the decision-making process.

When tenants vacate the property we carry out a final inspection ensuring that it is left in an acceptable condition. Bonds will not be released until all parties are satisfied.

Regular inspections are a major part of how we care for your investment property.

Your Income
Each month, we forward you an itemised statement showing all rental income and payments made on your behalf, with copies of invoices attached to this statement.

We take a no nonsense approach to late paying tenants. The benchmark is explained and documented at the start of the tenancy so tenants are aware they will be rigorously pursued from the first day of overdue payments using SMS messages, phone calls and breach notices.

The firmest of action is taken with rent arrears and legal guidelines are strictly adhered to.

We undertand that the collection of rent is the reason you have the investment

Ray White Wilston Solutions
No other real estate office can offer clients the kind of services that Ray White Stafford can.

FREE Home Loan Advice
The Loan Market is Australia’s 6th largest mortgage company and is closely aligned with Ray White Wilston. We have a full time mortgage broker in our office offering free advice to our investors if and when required.

To help minimise financial obstacles during the buying process, we can qualify prospective buyers ensuring they are pre-approved and ready to buy.

FREE Insurance
Ray White Wilston place a FREE 30 day cover note on properties sold through our business with Ray White Insurance. This gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind in case anything should happen to the property while under contract.

Market Leading Sales Agency
We will keep you up to date with market trends and the sale value of your property. Should you need to sell your investment or have it valued, we have a market leading team of sales professionals, led by Principal Alistair Macmillan at your disposal. We work harmoniously with this team, providing a total package that can handle all your needs.

FREE Utilities Connection
Whether you are a valued landlord, tenant, buyer or seller of Ray White Wilston, we will organise the connection of your utilities. This includes telephone, electricity, gas, water and pay TV.

The Complete Package
This information is intended to give you sufficient information to emphasize the importance of having your property comprehensively managed on a full time basis by qualified, competent staff.

Our close-knit team work together to ensure we exceed the needs of all those we come in contact with.

Individually and collectively, this is a specialized team focused totally on ensuring your investment is working for you.

We truly are a complete management solution for your investment portfolio or investment property.

We believe that no other real estate agency can offer you the experience, advice or services that Ray White Wilston can.