Tenancy Application

To apply for a rental property with Ray White Wilston you are required to download and fill out the Tenancy Application form below. To ensure the application process runs as smoothly as possible, please read the entire application thoroughly and provide all of the required documents as listed in the form. Once completed, please e-mail, fax or deliver the application form to us.

Download the tenancy application form here

At Ray White Wilston we understand the stress associated with trying to find the perfect rental property. By downloading the application forms directly from this website, you can have the upper hand in the rental process.

Please note: The Form 18a General Tenancies Agreement for the property that you are interested in is available from our office. As per our legislation requirements, please contact us so you can peruse the Form 18a before applying for tenancy. You are not required to complete this form, it is for perusal only.

We would advise you take the time to read the Form 18a and draw your attention to any special conditions. Once your application has been accepted our office we will complete another Form 18a General Tenancies Agreement with your details.

When you have correctly filled out the application form and have all of the required tenancy documents available, we recommend contacting us if you wish to lodge it electronically, or drop into our office in person with your application so we can assist you in any further enquiries you may have.

By setting up rental alerts on real estate websites, you can be the first to be notified of any new listings. Attending inspections on the property and confirming open times the day before the viewing will maximize your chances of finding a property for you and make the process as efficient as possible.

The most integral element in ensuring your rental application is processed as quickly as possible is having all of your application documentation ready. Make sure you meet all the requirements on the application, have sufficient identification and let your rental and personal references know to expect a phone call. The more information you provide the easier and the faster it is for us to process.

Ray White Wilston assists you in being pro-active and we can tailor your rental search to make sure it is as smooth and easy as possible.

By completing all requirements & rental application forms in advance, we will process your application and add your requirements to our database. We list rental properties every day and if you can’t find a suitable property immediately we will add you to our tenant registry.