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Selling Methods

The benefits of marketing your property with Ray White Wilston are the different methods available to you. Deciding on which method is going to be the most appropriate to suit you as an owner and your particular property are some of the topics discussed in detail with your marketing agent. There are 3 main methods of sale:


Auction is a specialized method that requires substantially more skill to effectively run as opposed to selling by private treaty. So if your agent is recommending to sell by auction, be sure you find out how many auctions the agents has listed and how many they have sold within the past 6 or 12 months. This will give you an insight into their ability to sell auctions and the number of auction campaigns they have run.

The major benefit with an auction is there is no ceiling price, meaning that you are giving yourself every chance of achieving a premium price (5-10% higher than market value). A well run auction accelerates the sales process by placing a closing date on the marketing process. This often creates a heightened sense of urgency and excitement amongst competitive buyers that ultimately helps in you in achieving a premium price.Auction is not for all homes yet is invaluable for others.
One thing to remember, auctioning your home DOES NOT cost you any more than selling  under the normal Private Treaty method.
There are a number of clear benefits for the seller with the auction process:
  • Competition is created amongst buyers which constantly pushes the sale price up
  • There is no ceiling price
  • An auction contract is unconditional, meaning there are no finance or building clauses
  • Cash contract, 10% deposit at time of sale with a 30 day settlement

So if you are considering selling, and you want to have a 95% chance of selling your home within 30 days for a price that exceeds your expectations, talk to the agents that specialise in this form of marketing.

Private Treaty

Selling your property by private treaty is a popular choice with many home owners. Your property is normally advertised at a price and buyers are encouraged to attend inspections on the home. Once inspected, buyers then make a written offer on your home and that offer is then presented to the owners for consideration. This process is often repeated until we have achieved a premium sale price that the owners are happy to accept.

In some cases, the owner’s decision to sell can only be made once they know how much money buyers are prepared to pay for their home. Agents will give owners an indication of what they feel the home is worth based other comparable properties that are currently for sale or have recently been sold.

This information will give owners some indication of what their home is worth, but buyers are untimely the ones who determine how much a home will sell for. Due to our extensive database of buyers we have the ability to generate inspections from qualified buyers wanting to buy your home without even putting it on the market. We can normally generate between 5-15 inspections on your home BEFORE it is even placed on the market. These buyers will then make offers on your home and provide us with valuable feedback as to what they feel your home is worth. This feedback combined with the agent’s research and the owner’s expectations then forms a realistic sale price. Owners can then make an educated decision and decide if the price feedback is high enough for them to consider selling now, or later. This exercise is completely free of charge and normally takes no more than 5-7 days.

To discuss any of the above information, call any of the sales agents anytime.