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Why sell with us?

Deciding which agent and which office should represent you in the sale of your property will be the biggest single decision you will make. It is important that you are fully aware of exactly what it is that your agent and the office will be able to offer you as a home owner, as well as offer the potential buyer of your home.

We ask you to read the following information carefully as all the feedback from past clients leads us to believe that no one can compete with what we offer our sellers and buyers in the sales transaction. These services will ultimately give you and your property the edge and guarantee you the best possible result – the best price in the shortest amount of time. As you read through this information I would like you to ask yourself one question – What other real estate agency can offer me this?

Ray White Wilston
Simply put, no other real estate office can offer the expertise, advice or services that come with more than 100 years of experience. Ray White Wilston is a youthful highly energetic team of professionals who excel in property sales, property management, home loans and much more.

We have a large sales team who are in contact with more buyers each week, giving us a greater chance of already being in contact with the buyer for your home.

Ray White is the largest real estate organisation in Australia. Because of this it gives our clients access to more than 1 million buyers internationally, discounted advertising rates and free services that all work together to ensure the best possible sales price in the shortest amount of time.

Your Expectations Guaranteed
Every agent will promise you the world when they are vying for your business. In many cases the realization that your expectations are not being met surfaces AFTER you have signed the agency agreement.

Ray White Wilston guarantees that you will receive the best level of service and advice, or you can terminate the agreement. This ensures that your expectations are constantly being exceeded. We guarantee that you will receive daily phone calls from your agent with updates on the sales process.

We guarantee that you will have inspections on your property each week.

We guarantee that you will have offers each week on your property.

We guarantee that you will have a weekly face to face meeting with your agent.

We guarantee that you will receive a weekly written report updating you on the progress of the sale.

Ray White Wilston Solutions
No other real estate office can offer clients the kind of services that Ray White Wilston can. These services are completely FREE of charge for our clients and work together for both buyers and sellers to ensure a stress free transaction. This stress free transaction gives us the best opportunity to get you the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Free Home Loan Advice
The Loan Market is Australia’s 6th largest mortgage company and is closely aligned with Ray White Wilston. We have a full time mortgage broker in our office qualifying our buyers before they inspect your property. This ensures they are preapproved and reduces the risk of contracts terminating due to finance.

Free Insurance 
Ray White Wilston place a 30 day cover note on your property with Ray White Insurance once the property goes under contract. This gives both buyers and sellers piece of mind in case anything was to happen to the property while it is under contract.

Free Utilities Connection
Whether you have sold or purchased a home through Ray White Wilston, we will organize the connection of your utilities. This includes telephone, electricity, gas, water and pay TV. All of these services will be connected prior to moving in.

Innovation in Marketing
Each property is a unique proposition and every seller has individual requirements which must be catered to. We understand that selling a property cannot be accomplished with a ‘one size fits all’ method.

Firstly we will sit down with you to discuss which demographic we feel is going to be best suited for your property. We design marketing packages which are completely tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Ray White Wilston prides itself on being the market leader of innovation in property promotion. We are proud to have a larger prospective buyer database than any other agency. This provides our clients with the most valuable and cost effective marketing tool.

Our advanced system effortlessly matches buyers with sellers in a highly targeted manner to give your property optimum market presence and the best chance of success.

Standard marketing examples for our properties include: professional photography, press advertising {both local and state wide}, internet advertising, database marketing with e newsletters and much more.

The Complete package
We believe that no other real estate agency can offer you the experience, advice or services that Ray White Wilston can. We truly are a one stop shop when it comes to buying, selling and managing real estate. Not only do we offer the extra services like insurance and Loan Market as a complimentary service to our clients, we also offer our sellers choice in the method of sale.

Having informed our clients of the different methods available to them, they choose if they would like to auction or exclusively list their property. Sellers choose how much money they would like to contribute towards the marketing. Sellers choose how long the agency period is for and can even choose to terminate the agreement should they not be happy with the level of service they receive from Ray White Wilston.